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  Author(s) Title Journal/Conference Year Link

[Araya & Neveu 2018]

I. Araya, B. Neveu Lsmear: A Variable Selection Strategy for Interval Branch and Bound Solvers Journal of Global Optimization 2018  

[Neveu et al. 2016]

B. Neveu, G. Trombettoni, I. Araya Node Selection Strategies in Interval Branch and Bound Algorithms Journal of Global Optimization 2016 PDF

[Neveu et al. 2015]

B. Neveu, G. Trombettoni, I. Araya Adaptive Constructive interval Disjunction: Algorithms and Experiments Constraints 2015 PDF

[Jaulin & Desrochers 2014]

L. Jaulin, B. Desrochers Introduction to the Algebra of Separators with Application to Path Planning Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2014 PDF

[Araya et al. 2014]

I. Araya, G. Trombettoni, B. Neveu and G. Chabert Upper Bounding in Inner Regions for Global Optimization under Inequality Constraints Journal of Global Optimization 2014 PDF

[Jaulin 2012]

L. Jaulin Solving set-valued constraint satisfaction problem Computing 2012 PDF

[Araya et al. 2012]

I. Araya, G. Trombettoni, and B. Neveu A Contractor Based on Convex Interval Taylor CPAIOR 2012 PDF

[Trombettoni et al. 2011]

G. Trombettoni, I. Araya, B. Neveu and G. Chabert Inner Regions and Interval Linearizations for Global Optimization AAAI 2011 PDF

[Chabert & Beldiceanu 2010]

G. Chabert and N. Beldiceanu Sweeping with Continuous Domains CP 2010 PDF

[Ninin & Messine, 2009]

J. Ninin and F. Messine An Automatic Linear Reformulation Technique Based on Affine Arithmetic ISMP 2009 Slides

[Chabert & Jaulin, 2009]

G. Chabert and L. Jaulin Contractor Programming Artificial Intelligence 2009 PDF

[Chabert & Jaulin, 2009bis]

G. Chabert and L. Jaulin Hull Consistency under Monotonicity CP 2009 PDF

[Trombettoni & Chabert 2007]

G. Trombettoni and G. Chabert Constructive Interval Disjunction CP 2007 PDF

[Bessiere & Debruyne 2004]

C. Bessiere and R. Debruyne Theoretical Analysis of Singleton Arc Consistency ECAI 2004 PDF

[Benhamou & Granvilliers, 2006]

F. Benhamou and L. Granvilliers Continuous and Interval Constraints Handbook of Constraint Programming 2006  

[Bessiere 2006]

C. Bessiere Constraint Propagation Handbook of Constraint Programming 2006  

[Benhamou et al. 1999]

F. Benhamou, F. Goualard, L. Granvilliers and J.F. Puget Revising Hull and Box Consistency ICLP 1999  

[Collavizza, 1998]

H. Collavizza A Note on Partial Consistencies over Continuous Domains Solving Solving Techniques CP 1998  

[Lhomme 1993]

O. Lhomme Consistency Techniques for Numeric CSPs IJCAI 1993  

[Jaulin & Walter, 1993]

L. Jaulin and E. Walter Set inversion via interval analysis for nonlinear bounded-error estimation Automatica 1993 PDF

[Hansen & Sengupta 1980]

E.R. Hansen and S. Sengupta Bounding Solutions of Systems of Equations Using Interval Analysis BIT Numerical Mathematics 1980  


  Author(s) Title Publisher Year

[Jaulin et al. 2001]

L. Jaulin, M. Kieffer, O. Didrit and E. Walter Applied Interval Analysis Springer 2001
[Kearfott 1996] R.B. Kearfott Rigorous Global Search: Continuous Problems Springer 1996
[Hansen 1992] E.R. Hansen Global Optimization using Interval Analysis Marcel Dekker 1992

[Neumaier 1990]

A. Neumaier Interval Methods for Systems of Equations Cambridge University Press 1990

[Moore 1966]

R. Moore Interval Analysis Prentice-Hall 1966