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They are using IBEX...

Are you also using IBEX? I would be very grateful to be informed! (this is somehow our only reward). Just send a very short email titled 'guest book' at gilles.chabert [at] with this in the body:

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  • Application Field:

First Name Last Name Position Institute/Company Country Application field
Djamel Aaid PhD student Université de Lorraine France Global otimization
Stavros Adam Assistant Professor University of Ioannina Greece Intelligent and autonomous systems
Nawel Afsi PhD student Université d'Orléans-Bourges France Automation
Luke E. K. Achenie Professor Virginia Tech Faculty of Health Sciences USA Chemical Engineering
Ignacio Araya Researcher PUCV, Valapraiso Chile Chile  
Clément Aubry PhD student IRENAV - Institut de recherche de l'école navale France Autonomous Robotics
Maëlenn Aufray Associate professor Université de Toulouse - CIRIMAT France Materials science
Laurent Bauer Method processes & Tools project Manager AIRBUS Space Systems France Aerospace
Mohamed Amine Ben Lagha Student INSAT France Automation
Ouafae Bennis Associate professor PRISME - Orléans France Automation
Eric Bourreau Associate Professor LIRMM France  
Salima Borsali PhD student Université de Tlemcen Algeria Automation
Onur Cagirici Research Assistant, PhD student Izmir University of Economics Turkey  
Christian Cainglet   Western Mindanao State University Philippines  
Clément Carbonnel PhD student LAAS-CNRS France Artificial intelligence
Gilles Chabert Associate Professor Mines de Nantes France Artificial intelligence
Damien Chablat Dr IRCCyN CNRS France Robotics
Alexandre Chapoutot Associate Professor ENSTA ParisTech France Numerical integration, Affine arithmetic, Abstract interpretation
Ramya Sri Chodisetti Student SRK Institute of Technology India Signal processing
Jérôme De Miras Associate Professor Université de Technologie de Compiègne France Control systems
David Daney Researcher INRIA Bordeaux France Robotics
Aurélien Desoeuvres PhD student Université de Montpellier France Applied maths for biologists
Benoit Desrochers PhD student ENSTA Bretagne France Autonomous Robotics
Vincent Drevelle Associate Professor IRISA / INRIA Rennes France Robotics
Kouakam Ervée PhD student University of Yaoundé Cameroon  
Jean-Guillaume Fages PhD student Mines de Nantes France Constraint Programming
Pierre Flener Professor Uppsala University Sweden Constraint Programming
Jake Freeman Software Engineer University of Dayton Research Institute USA Artificial Intelligence
Christoph Fuenfzig Postdoc fellow Université de Bourgogne Germany  
Shuhua Gao Research fellow National University of Singapore Singapore Power system
Julien Garcia Postdoc fellow Supméca France Ecodesign
Mohamed Ghrab Master Sudent Laboratoire Prisme France  
Vincent Goulet   Université Laval Canada  
Marc Gouttefarde Researcher CNRS - LIRMM France Robotics
Alexander Grebhahn PhD student University of Passau Germany  
Michel Gressier Engineer Alstom France Applied Maths
Aaron Muir Hamilton Software developer Hamilton, Ontario Canada Freelancer
Luis Gutierrez PhD student University of Texas at El Paso USA Computational Science
Olivier Guyon PhD student Groupe PSA / Université de Toulon USA Eco design / Environmental optimization car-sharing services
Abderraouf Hadj Henni PhD student PRISME (Université d'Orleans) France Automation
Khaoula lassoued PhD student Université de Technologie de Compiègne France Robotics
Atef Jaballah PhD student ENISO (Ecole d'Ingénieur de Sousse) Tunisia Choco3
Roger Kameugne PhD student University of Maroua/Faculty of science Cameroon Applied mathematics
Timothy Kernicky PhD student University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA Structural Engineering
Souratosh Khan Post Doctoral Fellow University of Arizona USA Constraint Programming
Soonho Kong PhD Student Carnegie Mellon University USA Formal Methods, Verification
Luc Jaulin Professor ENSTA Bretagne France Underwater robotics
Hugo Joudrier PhD student G-SCOP Grenoble France Global Optimization
Seck Kang PhD student University of Angers France Software Engineering
Michel Kieffer Professor L2S - CNRS France Control and estimation
Adrien Koessler PhD student Institut Pascal France Industrial Robotics
Fabrice Larribe Engineer Sagem France Software Test Automation
Fabrice Le Bars Associate Professor ENSTA Bretagne France Autonomous robotics
Alexandre Lefort Student ENSTA Bretagne France Automation
Stéphane Le Menec R&D Project Manager MBDA (Airbus Group) France Automation
Thomas Le Mézo PhD student ENSTA Bretagne France  
Mehdi Lhommeau Associate Professor LARIS - ISTIA - Université d'Angers France Automation
Daniel Lopez   University of Manchester United Kingdom  
Nacim Loukkas PhD student Gipsa Lab France Automation
Jeff Luehrs Software Engineer LEIDOS USA Autonomy
Andras Marli   Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria  
Ivan Martinez PhD Student Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Spain Automation
Julien Menana Researcher EDF R&D France Energy production management
Frédéric Messine Associate Professor LAPLACE-ENSEEIHT France Applied Maths
Dominique Michelucci Professor CNRS France Computer graphics, geometric modeling, geometric constraints
Chris Mileto Engineer      
Doua Milo Engineer Algier Univeristy Algeria Signal processing
Etienne Monier Student (normalien) ENS Cachan France State estimation
Robin Morier Internship ENSTA ParisTech France Computer Science
Louis Mumba Student Northwestern Polytechnical University China Automation
Bertrand Neveu Researcher Ecole des Ponts Paristech France Computer science
Jeremy Nicola PhD student ENSTA Bretagne France Autonomous Robotics
Jordan Ninin Associate Professor ENSTA Bretagne France Global optimization
Adina Panchea PhD student Universite d'Orleans France Automation, Robotics
Edward Parrott PhD student University of New Brunswick USA Advanced Controls
Marie Pelleau Postdoc fellow Université de Montréal Canada Constraint programming
Carlos Perez Galvan PhD student University College London United Kingdom Global optimisation of dynamic systems
François Pessaux Enseignant-chercheur ENSTA Paristech France Intégration numérique garantie
Thierry Petit Visiting Associate Professor Mines de Nantes / School of Business WPI USA Constraint programming, Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research
Joshua Pickard PhD student University of New Brunswick Canada Parallel manipulators
Julien Pilourdault PhD Student Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble France  
Sylvie Putot Professor Ecole Polytechnique France Numerical program and systems analysis
Jia-jun Qiu PhD Student UESTC China Medical Image Processing
Nacim Ramdani Professor Université d'Orléans France Robotics
Usman Rauf PhD Student University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA Structural Analysis
Thomas Richard de Latour PhD Student Université de Nantes France Eco-Design, Constraint Programming, Global Optimization
Nathalie Revol Research scientist Inria France interval arithmetic
Simon Rohou PhD student ENSTA Bretagne France Autonomous Robotics
Ignacio Salas PhD student Mines de Nantes France Packing
João Pedro Schmitt Software Engineer WEG S.A, Jaraguá do Sul Brazil Engineering
François Servant Engineering Student Mines de Nantes France Optimization
Fatma Senguler Ciftci PhD student Johann Bernoulli Inst. for Math. and Comp. Science Netherlands Computational Geometry
Juha Tiihonen Senior researcher University of Helsinki Finland Configuration
Louise Travé-Massuyès Research Director LAAS - CNRS France Diagnosis and Supervisory control
Ronan Torrecillos Student   France Procedural World Generation
Gilles Trombettoni Professor LIRMM France Constraint programming, interval methods
Selma Tufan MA student Gazi University Turkey Maths, special education
Alma Rebeca Velasco Olmos Student Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico  
Percy Wang Postdoc fellow Tsinghua University China Diagnosis
Brahim Yagoub Engineer Université de Biskra Algeria Automation
Rui Yang PhD student ENSTA Bretagne France Robust Control
Farid Yousfi Student University of Nantes France Optimisation
Ilke Zilci PhD student TU Berlin Germany  
Austin Waffo Kouhoue PhD student ENSP de l'Université de Yaoundé I Cameroon Optimization