Ibex 2.2.0 (message for developers)

I am pleased to announce the release 2.2.0 of Ibex!

The main change was to make a clear separation between:

  • The basic features (intervals computations, contractors, etc.)
  • Specific or advanced features (optimization, affine arithmetic, etc.).

Now, the basic features are the core of the library; Advanced features are spread across different plugins. Plugins can be installed or not, depending on user choice. They will be offered for download separately from the core.


IBEX is on GitHub

The development of IBEX is now on GitHub.
We invite all the users of IBEX to fork our projet:
Don't hesitate to submit some bugs, enhancements or question in the issues of our projet.


Workshop "Constraints & Geometry"


The Ibex team and the MEA (French research group on set computation and interval methods) organize a workshop on constraints, intervals and geometry, to be held in Mine de Nantes on Monday 23th June.

Talks will be 20-30 minutes long, a lot of time (10-20 minutes) is kept on purpose for questions and discussions.

Talk at JFPC'14

Gilles Trombettoni and Gilles Chabert will give a talk at JFPC'14 in Angers (June 11th at 9:00). The talk will be about contractor programming, inner inflators and application to robust parameter estimation and global optimization.
Slides will be posted here.

Release 2.1.5

Release notes (2.1.5)

  • Bug fix in set-membership operations
  • Bug fix in Gauss elimination (full rank test in rectangular case)
  • Linear relaxation can be done directly with a matrix/vector, wihtout explicit system.
  • The API has changed for many new  documented functions