Papers on which Ibex is based

See the references in the documention

Papers about Ibex

Ibex is documented but there is no official publication yet.

An overview of the library is under writing and will probably be submitted to Optimization Method and Software.

Papers where Ibex is used for the experiments

This page lists some research paperswhere Ibex has been used for the experiments.

You can download here the associated ressources (scripts, etc.)

A Three-step Methodology for Tolerance Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators
(Alexandre Goldsztejn, Stéphane Caro and Gilles Chabert)
MMT, volume 105, pages 213-234, 2016

Minibex scripts of the paper for the two robots (RPRPR and 3-RPR):

RPRPR (step 1, workspace n°1)
RPRPR (step 1, workspace n°2)
RPRPR (step 1, workspace n°3)
RPRPR (step 3, for the three workspaces)
3-RPR (step 1, workspace n°1)
3-RPR (step 1, workspace n°2)
3-RPR (step3, for the two workspaces)

Estimating the robust domain of attraction for non-smooth systems using an interval Lyapunov equation
(Alexandre Goldsztejn and Gilles Chabert)
Submitted to Automatica

Code (for Ibex 2.6.3 and subsequent)